The Wisconsin “Filibuster” and Recall Elections

That’s the Wisconsin “Filibuster” and Recall Elections as two separate topics, not the same one.  I am just writing a single post to tell you about two good very things to read this morning, one on each:

Ezra Klein has some interesting thoughts on how what the Wisconsin Democrats are doing is like an old fashioned filibuster (think Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and if you haven’t seen it, you should!!  Watch the climax of the filibuster scene here.)  Klein is a blogger at the Washington Post who leans liberal in his political views, but is a smart and objective policy analyst. Tune in and read his “Wonkbook” every morning.

For now, think about what he says about the filibuster — that democracy demands that the minority work for their veto as the Wisconsin Democrats are doing (and as Mr. Smith did) instead of just using the threat of it to hold the majority hostage, the way it works in Congress today.  Is he right?  Why or why not?

Also, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has an excellent piece on the effort, now underway, to recall 16 of the 33 members of the Wisconsin senate. Read about recalls and other instruments of direct democracy at the state level in Chapter 4 and Chapter 16.


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