Why Isn’t the Economy Getting Better?

I cannot recommend Ezra Klein’s Wonkbook highly enough.  You can find it on Washington Post’s web site and I like it because it’s so, well, wonky.  He gets right into the weeds of public policy and is far less concerned with the spin of the day than with the substance of policy, and the articles he recommends every morning are almost always a good read.

So, that said, check out his morning post of yesterday, on why the economy isn’t getting better faster.

Read his introduction and then read two of the articles he references.  The first article he references is long and complicated but well worth reading.  Fascinating stuff on how everyone missed the call on how bad the economy was when Obama took office in 2009.

The second is from today’s New York Times — shorter, less complicated and also worth reading.

Both of these pieces help to explain why the political climate is so toxic for incumbents right now.  More on that later.  For now, absorb this stuff and ask yourself, what, if anything, could the government (Congress and/or the Obama Administration) have done differently?


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