Yesterday was Election Day and while most of the issues and campaigns were at the state level, two results are particularly worth noting for what they might say about how the national political winds are blowing.

Ohio voters defeated State Bill 5, a law championed by Republican governor John Kasich, which would have ended collective bargaining rights for public employees like cops, firefighters and teachers.

Mississippi voters defeated a constitutional amendment that would have changed the definition of the word “person” in their state constitution to include a fertilized embryo. This would have had the effect of banning abortion and likely banning many forms of birth control as well.

There will no doubt be good things to read about these results during the day and I will add any I think especially worthwhile.  In the meantime, read the New York Times here and here.  Why do the authors of these pieces think that these elections tell us something about the national political mood?  What do they think it means?


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