Welcome back!

Welcome back, everyone (and a special hi from IU to our friends at Purdue!) Glad to say our long, hot, dry summer here in the Midwest is finally cooling down.

We are gearing up here at KTRblog to follow a fascinating election, where what is at stake is really the vision for the country’s future. Nate Silver, whose excellent election blog lives over at newyorktimes.com, has a piece that lays that out neatly. He argues that Mitt Romney’s choice of the staunchly conservative Paul Ryan as a running mate makes his victory more difficult, but has a potentially big payoff. Why do you think Romney, typically a cautious and pragmatic man, has chosen to take that risk? What do you think the Democrats might do to make the alternative they offer equally clear?

Check back often this semester for a continuing discussion of this important election. It’s going to be a great semester!


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