And here we are again — DNC Day #1

Okay folks, here we go.  The two prime time events last night at the opening of the Democratic National Convention were first, the keynote by Julian Castro, mayor of San Antonio, and second, Michelle Obama’s speech.  [Apologies for the various classless partisan remarks (on both sides!) in the Comments sections on these videos — I couldn’t find any videos without them.  Political debate does NOT have to be uncivil!!]

And as I guessed, after their reaction to Paul Ryan’s speech last week the fact-checkers were out to give the Democrats equal time.  Nothing (yet) too egregious, but then again the Democrats probably had a pretty good idea that they would come under scrutiny.  Here is the Washington Post’s Glen Kessler’s check on Day 1.

Finally, I am linking to a blog post by Peggy Noonan.  Noonan is a Republican, a former speech writer for Ronald Reagan and currently a columnist for the Wall Street Journal.  As you can tell from her post, she is very conservative and clearly doesn’t like the substance of much of what she heard last night, but I think that makes her take all the more interesting.  Noonan is a sharp observer of American politics — you could do worse than bookmark her blog.

Don’t forget to watch Bill Clinton tonight!


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