Meanwhile, Healthcare!

What’s been happening while the rest of the government was sleeping.

Meet Obamacare.

And how is that working out? Results, so far, are all over the place. Normally when a big, new policy rolls out, the parties work together to tweak the law in order to get out the kinks. The Democrats objected to the Republicans’ Medicare Part D prescription drug plan during the Bush administration because it was unpaid for. But once it passed over their objections, they pitched in to make it work. Tea Party resistance has kept the Republicans from doing the same thing with Obamacare in the hopes that not fixing the kinks would make the plan fail.

The jury will be out on Obamacare for some time yet, but so far people are having mixed experiences. Most of those in the states that have their own insurance exchanges and where the governors have accepted Medicaid expansion are getting new, cheaper insurance easily. The federally-run exchanges, in those places where Republican governors have refused to cooperate, are not faring nearly so well. Technical glitches still keep many people from signing up. Jonathan Cohn, a liberal leaning health care expert, gives you the rundown here.


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