A few good pieces to read

These aren’t necessarily related, but a couple of good things to read this morning.

Ezra Klein on Obamacare woes.

A very good interview with Republican strategist Mike Murphy on the battle for the soul of the Republican Party.


The Budget is Coming!

At long last the President’s budget is due out tomorrow and already the critics (on both sides) are claiming it is dead in the water.  Just another day in Washington.

The outlines of the budget are here.  Liberals are irate because they claim that Obama is giving up too much to the Republicans at the start of negotiations, meaning that any final deal will be even further to the right.  Conservatives are irate because they just plain don’t like Obama, and even though his budget gives them some spending cuts and other things they have been demanding, it contains revenue increases and they prefer to reduce the deficit through spending cuts alone.

Obama seems to really value the achievement of a bipartisan deficit-reducing budget deal with Congress, but the initial reviews make that sound unlikely, and the budget isn’t even out yet.