Marriage Equality

With the Supreme Court ready to start hearing arguments on the two marriage equality cases tomorrow, this piece from the New York Times has most of what you need to know.  Refer to the What’s at Stake in Chapter 6 of the 6th edition of KTR (Chapter 5 of the Brief version) for the context to this case, and stay tuned!!


Trayvon Martin

While some of the facts about what happened to Trayvon Martin are still up in the air, it is clear that his death is a heartbreaking tragedy and one that raises questions about the role of racial stereotyping in American culture and highlights the constant wariness with which many African Americans still view the police and the justice system.  Many good things have been written about this in the last weeks — two of the best appeared in the papers today.  Read this piece by Washington Post columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner Eugene Robinson and this one by New York Times columnist Charles Blow.

Since the election of Barack Obama, we Americans frequently pat ourselves on the back for living in a post-racial society.  Do we?